Are You Ready To Reclaim Your  Youthful Health And Vigor, And Extend Your Life?
Why The Stavrou Method is Different You need to learn the basics of Diet, Metabolism, and Exercise that will support your body down to a cellular level You need to Optimize the way you Exercise, and make Exercising a Habit, so you can see solid progress. Over the course of 12 weeks your New Behaviors will naturally become Habits which  last a lifetime, so you can be happy and healthy. Here’s what you can expect from our program. In 12 weeks you’ll create a set of New Habits  that will bring you Health and Vigor.  A diet plan that includes real foods that are easy to make.  And an exercise program that is doable, and follows a step-by-step progression. “The “app” mentioned in this video is no longer part of The Stavrou Method package. ” You will learn to: Improve your health Increase your energy Lose fat You can tell just from the description of our approach that This Is Life Changing, Health Expanding NEW Information! Now, let me tell you about the components of The Stavrou Method.  I’ve taken years of research, and hundreds of consultations, distilled them down, and delivered it in: The Video Coaching Class The WHY’s of Health, Wellness and Fat Loss Lesson1) The HOW’s of Health, Wellness and Fat Loss (Lessons 2-10) The Stavrou Diet (Lesson11) 85 Online Exercise Videos, Beginner, Intermediate and Advanced Daily reminders by email to help you stay on track with your program 6 months free access to our private membership area ($222 value) BONUS #1: Free 15-minute phone consultation with a member of the “Living Proof” team.  *See the video below for more details!* BONUS #2: Stavrou Diet Meal Plans.  Meal Plans that offer a new way to eat to be healthier, have more energy and lose fat, all based on your particular needs. BONUS #3: SixtyMag! The Video Coaching Class The Video Coaching Class is the first thing you should look at in the package. It tells my own story of fat loss and regaining my health.  It explains all the benefits that you’ll get from The Stavrou Method, and gives you a general overview of the program. There is a ton of information here, and some great statistics that will show you that you’re not alone! The Video Coaching Class really does a great job of whetting your appetite for the knowledge, and the results, you’ll get from The Stavrou Method. Now, let’s take a detailed look at all the lessons you’ll receive! Lesson 1: The WHY’s of Health, Wellness and Fat Loss Instead of just blindly following the program, Lesson 1 explains why The Stavrou Method works!  It contains everything you need to know about: Exercise Nutrition Lifestyle & Weight Management Proper Sleep and Recovery Supplements Fitness Assessments What You Should Discuss With Your Doctor Before Starting You’ll learn about the so-called “healthy foods” that are making you fat and sick!  The Government’s Nutritional Recommendations  were written by lobbyists. You’ll learn why you shouldn’t eat the same foods, and instead should have some variety. You’ll learn the difference between high carb, low carb, and no carb diets, and whether one of these approaches makes sense for you. You’ll learn how to find out of if you are actually allergic or intolerant to some of the foods you eat every day. You’ll learn whether or not there is one single diet that really DOES fit everyone! And if you’re not really interested in the WHY’s, you can skip it and get directly into the HOW’s! Lessons 2-10: The HOW’s of Health, Wellness and Fat Loss.  These contain the actual Program you’ll follow to increase your health and fitness! If you are more interested in getting it done than “why it works”, you can jump right into the program and get started!  These lessons are a day-by-day guide for you to follow to achieve your fat loss and fitness goals!  Not figuring out a program on your own will save you a ton of time! In order to make The Stavrou Methodapplicable to all fitness levels, it includes a Beginner, Intermediate, and Advanced level.  Each level has 3  complete 4-week phases, Phase 1, Phase 2 and Phase 3.  By breaking each level into 4-week phases, we ensure that you have enough time to make progress, but not so long that you reach a plateau The great thing for beginners is that you actually receive 36-week program, 12 weeks for each level!! Lesson 11: The Stavrou Diet Meal Plans Not knowing what to eat, and not having enough variety, can make or break your fat loss program. This recipe book is based on the principles in The  Stavrou Diet and the meals plans were created by one of the top nutritionists/chefs in  Toronto! Not only are the meals healthy for you - they taste great, have lots of variety, and are simple to prepare! Preparing your meals in advance is a great way to ensure your success on The Stavrou  Diet. You could spend just a few hours on the weekend preparing your meals and you would  best set up for the rest of the week. The Stavrou Diet- is a new and healthier way of eating to help you with your weight control  efforts! Its easy to follow Its healthy Allows you to eat so-called forbidden foods several times a week. Takes into consideration healthy foods that you MAY have allergies/intolerances to without you even knowing it Helps you determine your ideal meal program based on your personal needs 7-DAY TRIAL: Also included in the program are these Amazing Bonuses! BONUS #1: 15-Minute Phone Consultation with the “Living Proof” Team Watch this video to learn what Living Proof has to offer you as part of The Stavrou Method! Sign up for their 30in30 program and book your FREE consultation via the link we send in your Thank You Letter! BONUS #2: Daily Email Reminders Every day you’ll receive an email message from us to help keep you on track with your health improvement goals.  Each Email Reminder includes: Reminder of what was covered in the previous section Questions on the current section Your activity for the day Your food choices as part of your nutrition plan (The Stavrou Diet) Reminder to fill in the sleep log Reminder to fill in the recovery log Your recommended supplements for the day Reminder when to purchase supplements for the next phase BONUS #3: SixtyMag Program SixtyMag is a collaboration between myself and 20 other experts in holistic health and wellness.  We cover the following areas: physical mental emotional spiritual financial relationships (with ourselves and others) We decided to add it to The Stavrou Method as a bonus, because while The Stavrou Method is all about reclaiming your body and dropping fat, SixtyMag is a more holistic approach towards a long and balanced life; the perfect addition to the physicality of The Stavrou Method! Simply go to Amazon and buy SixtyMag for only $9.99, using the link we’ll supply in the thank you letter.  Email your receipt to us at [email address] and we will reimburse you right away! Note that there is no discount from the price if you do not buy SixtyMag, so buy it, and let us pay you for it!  SixtyMag consists of: 1. The Book 2. The Videos/Audios Access to our private Facebook Group – we want to build a community of like-minded individuals working to improve their lives! The Book I have engaged the participation of over 20 of the world’s top experts in The Specialties mentioned above. Each of these experts has written a full chapter of the book dedicated to their specialty, and how you can employ that information to create and adopt the Sound Lifestyle Practices you need to prevent the most common diseases that afflict us in our middle and later ages. Here are the amazing experts that helped create The SixtyMag Program Note that there is no discount from the price if you do not buy SixtyMag, so buy it, and let us pay you for it!  7-DAY TRIAL: Now, for a package like this, you could expect to pay up to $997. But we wanted to make sure that everyone would be able to afford it, so you won’t pay even 25% of that. As a matter of fact, for The Stavrou Method, which contains every single piece of information that you will ever need to regain the Lean,  Healthy Body of your Youth, you will pay An Early Bird Discounted price of (Price includes all Canadian Taxes) But That’s Only Half The Story You pay only $1 up front for a 7 Day Trial! First, watch the Video Coaching Class! Then read Lesson #1 of “The Why’s of Health, Wellness And Fat Loss” during your 7 day trial.  Once you’ve done that, check out the rest of the program.  Your $1 buys you complete and total access to the Entire Program!  If you love it as much as we know you will, you’ll be charged $126 on the 7 th  day. Ironclad, No-Questions-Asked, 45-Day 100% Money Back  Guarantee! Simply notify us within 45 days of purchase that you are not satisfied, and we will refund your purchase price.  If we have already reimbursed you for SixtyMag, that $10 will be deducted from the refund. Now, you have a choice to make. You can change nothing, and continue on the way you are.  As you know, if you don’t make some kind of change, you’ll continue performing and feeling as you do now. OR You can click the button below and buy The Stavrou Method. You can consume all the great information and advice contained inside. You can create a lifetime of supportive healthy habits over the 12 weeks of the course. You can finally enjoy the Health, Energy and Leanness you have always wanted. You get the 3 Free Bonuses!   You only pay the Pre-Sale price of $127, before the price increases to $247 or even $297! So Buy NOW! 7-DAY TRIAL: If for whatever reason you can’t buy now, at least click the button below and receive my free, Fact-Filled Email Newsletter! The Founders of The Stavrou Method Celebrate Humanity. 20% of our profits is split among Top Charitable  Organizations such as: The YMCA Hospital Foundations Universities And Colleges It’s our way of saying “Thank You” and giving back!
Over 80% Of Illnesses And Disease Are Preventable
Here is what you need to know.  By making some smart, simple, easy and long-lasting lifestyle changes, you can: Lessen the impact of certain diseases Reduce the amounts of medications that you take Live Longer, and Feel Better!
This information was developed by a team of experts with over 120 years combined experience in the health industry.
The Stavrou Method A 12 Week Day By Day Guide To Health, Wellness And Fat Loss For ALL Levels!
Hi, I’m George Stavrou.  As an Holistic Health And Wellness Coach, I’ve seen this a thousand times. Without proper guidance, there is a 99.99% chance that you will start too fast or hard with your exercise, and try to make too many large changes in your diet too soon, and you will give up.  Not because it’s too hard, but because you’re actions are inconsistent.  Inconsistency prevents measurable results.   Most people give up because they don’t see the results they hope for or expect. So I would like to introduce I created a program that uses scientific proof for creating new habits New Healthy Habits that will replace the habits that brought you to the place where you are now. As you know, it takes time to build new habits.  As you may also know, the most important part of your Path to a Healthier, Leaner Body is CONSISTENCY. That is why temporary changes are not going to take you where you want to go. You have to create the right habits, so that you consistently execute them. 
When it comes to Health, Wellness and Fat Loss, there are a lot of options out there, and many of them Don’t Work! In order to improve health and avoid yo-yo weight fluctuations, the most successful, ideal program must have: Lifestyle and Weight Management – So you can have the body you want Progression of Exercise – So you can see tangible results and stay motivated Sleep and Recovery – So you can maximize the effects of your diet and exercise Supplementation – So you can ensure your vital nutrients even when dieting Fitness Assessments - so you know where to start in the exercise program! Safe – getting sick or injured only delays your goals! Doable – You must be able to actually DO the program to have success! Here is why some of the most popular programs out there don’t work: High impact exercise programs do little or nothing in terms of diet coaching, and they lack a step-by-step progression. They are very demanding, and difficult to adhere to for most people, so they are not “doable”. The celebrity-endorsed meal plan programs are designed for a small, very specific group of people. The meals they recommend are loaded with processed foods, and cause inflammation.  They are also expensive, so many people struggle to stay compliantA simple gym membership won’t do you any good by themselves unless you hire an expensive personal trainer who is also trained in proper nutrition and diet.
•	Certified personal trainer and lifestyle & weight management consultant •	#1 best-selling author of "How YOU Can Sculpt A Leaner, Healthier Body In 12 Weeks:  •	A Guide For Beginners!" •	Author for prestigious publications like Intense Fitness, AtoZ Fitness, Gen-Mag, and American Health and Fitness.    •	CSEP Certified Exercise Physiologist with a Specialized Honours Bachelor of Science degree in Kinesiology and Health Science. •	Owns and operates a private training facility in Richmond Hill, Ontario. •	Author of The Elite Trainer (2011), and has released two DVDs, Stretching for Strengthening (2003) and Warm-Up to Strength Training (2005), which have sold copies worldwide. •	A premier trainer in Canada forming The Catanzaro Group which provides various health and fitness services with divisions in fitness, nutrition, supplements, lifestyle, seminars, and publishing.      •	Formulated radical, scientifically validated nutritional supplements. •	Formulated a new group of nutritional supplements meant to combat nighttime post absorptive catabolism and enhance the anabolic and recuperative effects of sleep. •	Currently working on developing specific advanced nutriceuticals.        •	Sought-after consultant dealing with elite athletes on a global scale. •	Specializes in cutting edge training, supplementation, nutrition, injury rehabilitation and performance enhancement. •	Advocates prevention and cure of health problems through proper nutrition. Minimal, rare use of drugs and medication in his practice.        •	Family physician with a personal clinic for over 25 years. •	What To Speak To Your Physician About Prior To Beginning Your Exercise Program. •	Amateur bodybuilder knowledgeable on the use of vitamins and supplements to improve ones health’ George Stavrou  Principle John Paul Catanzaro  Exercise Program Design Dr. Mauro Di Pasquale  Supplementation Program  and Design Dr. Eric Serrano  Nutrition Consultant Dr. Larry Baker  What To Ask Your Doctor  Before Beginning  Your Exercise Program
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One More Reason The Stavrou Method is different.  We are firm believers in giving back to humanity.  Get Your Program now!  The Stavrou Method Will Change Your Life and the Lives of Others Remember, you get ALL THIS in The Stavrou Method!, The WebinarVideo Coaching Class The WHY’s of Health, Wellness and Fat Loss Lesson 1) The HOW’s of Health, Wellness and Fat Loss Lessons 2-10) The Stavrou Diet Lesson 11) 85 Online Exercise Videos, Beginner, Intermediate and Advanced Daily reminders by email to help you stay on track with your program 6 months free access to our private membership area ($222 value) BONUS #1: Free 15-minute phone consultation with a member of the “Living Proof” team.  *See the video above for more details!* BONUS #2: Stavrou Diet Meal Plans.  Meal Plans that offer a new way to eat to be healthier, have more energy and lose fat, all based on your particular needs. BONUS #3: SixtyMag! Let’s Do This TOGETHER!

The Stavrou Method
The Stavrou Method
The Stavrou Method
The Stavrou Method