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If you have not already watched the first of our four pre-launch videos, here’s a re-cap of what you can expect to learn from it: My personal challenges with the various health and fat loss programs Two of the most prevalent health problems today – high blood pressure and obesity – and some helpful tips on how to deal with them Health defined Fitness Defined and the five categories associated with it Bodyfat percentages and healthy #’s to strive for Burning calories at rest by having more muscle’ Click on the link below for the first of our four pre-launch videos Why should you watch this second of four pre-launch videos and what can you expect to learn from it? NUTRITION/DIET I will answer the following for you: What to eat and what not to eat to help you lose fat and feel healthier Is there really one diet that works for everyone? Can eating ‘organic foods’ actually hinder my progress and make me sick? You will be surprised at what you are about to learn! Click on the link below for the second of our four pre-launch videos Also, please be sure to visit this page again tomorrow for the third video in our pre-launch series